Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Playing Catch-up and Taking on More

Okay, today is really just playing catch up.  I know I missed both Feathered Friday and Mindful Monday, but I have good reason.  

I've been gourding!

A few weeks ago, an old friend from my childhood summer camp days request a faery house for her daughter's new faery garden.  I found the perfect gourd right away, pulled out a couple more, and got cleaning.

The other gourds I cleaned will be made into special gifts for the two daughters of another couple very dear to my heart.

I have found that making the gourds is easier if I'm making them for a specific person.

Along the same lines, I've been updating the Mom & Me Gourds page here on the blog, so I can provide an up to date list of our inventory have available and special orders we can make.  (I've pulled it from the blog while it's under construction, but it's almost finished.)

I also took on the challenge of creating a "class creation" for Bug's kindergarten class that will be part of a silent auction at the school's Fall Festival in the beginning of October.  This is another super fun project.  It should be easy to make, too.

I've also taken on the responsibility of heading the Reflections program for the PTA.  I was nominated for this position by a friend who is the VP of the PTA.  She told me of another friend who seconded that I would be a good choice.  

Reflections was created to promote art in young children.  They are encouraged to participate, entering one piece of creative work, be it traditional painting or drawing, sculpture, music, dance, or writing.  I do hope that I can get more than a few entries from the students, and I am working on a way to promote it that will draw students and parents in and make them want to participate.

Beyond all of this, I have been busy with studying my herb books, trying to learn as much as I can without the aid of classes I can't afford right now.  I was told by the owner of  Nature's Food, a natural food store, that there is a small shop nearby that sells bulk products.  I can't wait to find this place, see what they have, and talk with the owner.  I'm hoping that this may be the connection I need to advance my learning in an inexpensive way.

Next Monday will be about Fall planting.  I'm working on something for Feathered Friday, but it's slow going at this point.  This week might just be pictures of the girls and their handsome boys.

Until Friday. . . !

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