Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Sweetest Place on Earth

My family went on our first "camping" trip this weekend to The Sweetest Place on Earth.  For those who don't know, that's Hershey, PA--home of Hershey's Chocolate and Hershey Park.

(Click on the video to hear the nostalgic version of the Chocolate World song.)

This was our first trip in the RV.  Well, we went to the racetrack last fall, but that wasn't the same.  

Now this is a comfortable ride.

We saw some ominous-lookinf skies ahead, and ended up driving right into the storm.

But then we finally saw the sign!  
Welcome to 
The Sweetest Place on Earth

Not long after that, we made the turn into the campground.

The Sweet Pass we got for staying at the campground got us in 3 hours before closing the day before our ticket date, and an hour before opening the day of our tickets.  Pretty awesome, except it was raining the first day.  But we made it to the park by 9:05 am the day of our tickets.  (The park opens at 10.)

The boys were measured as we went in, and they each got color-coded wrist bands for the rides they could get on.

Bug getting measured.
Reese's Cup & Jolly Rancher

 Bug was just over the line for the Reese's Cup rides.  That meant he could ride the Comet!  I really thought my no-fear boy would love the coaster. 

Bug strapped in on the Comet

He liked it well enough, but it was too hurky-jerky for him.  Mommy, too.  I was holding his head still, and my neck was screaming.  I guess I'm officially too old for wooden coasters.  Tommy was terrified at first, but he liked the second half of the ride.  

Bug loved the rockets.

Bug was excited to ride the Sky View, but Tommy and I were less than thrilled.  Turned out not to be so bad.  

At one point Daddy and Tommy helped Bug win a prize by shooting a water gun at a target and racing lights to the top.  He was ready to go back to the RV after that.

Bug & Nevermind, his prize.

 We rode the Turnpike on the classic cars.  I told Tommy not to crash us.  Hee-hee.

So Serious!

 We took the shuttle back to the campground to relax for the afternoon.  We were all exhausted because one little boy wouldn't go to sleep the first night.  Then, we went back for Chocolate World and another  trip into the park.  (This is a complete ride through the "factory," but it's playing the new song that the cows sing.  But loved it.)

We all stuck to the tamer rides.

Bug on the Hot-Air Balloons

Bug on the Lady Bug
(He got to ride with a pretty girl & he turned on the charm.)

Bug on the Mini Scrambler

Other than a few hiccups that are to be expected when traveling to exciting places with a 4-year-old, we had a fantastic time.  There were no issues with the RV even though we are still riding the learning curve.  Personally, I would've liked to get on a few more rides--especially coasters and the carousel--but that's the price of being the adult, I guess.

The campground experience was lovely.  I really enjoyed sitting outside in the unseasonably cool weather and talking with my husband.  Our Texan neighbors on the other side were friendly, but not overly so.  They even helped us pull in when we got there, and wished us well upon departure.

Not a flattering photo,
but the only one we got at the campsite.

My Beautiful Family!

Tom & Bug
Tommy, Bug, & me

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