Monday, August 25, 2014

Mindful Monday: Savoring Every Moment Before Kindergarten Starts

Normally, this is all about my garden and slight tangents that go along with it, such as recipes or crafts.  But today, I want to do something different. 

This week marks the start of school for both of my boys.  The older one will be a freshman in high school, and Bug starts Kindergarten!  Where did the time go?

It seems just yesterday I was taking him to his first day of Pre-K3, all spiffed up in a polo-style shirt and khaki shorts.

Bug's 1st Day of Pre-K3

He slipped into the routine almost instantly.  And I knew I was one step closer to losing him.  Moms, you know what I mean.  While we want to watch them grow and learn. . .

All by himself!
Age 3
Picking the ripe ones
Age 2

We also want to hold onto them and keep them as our little angels forever.  We want to be able to snuggle up with them for an afternoon nap. . .

We want to take them for wagon rides. . .

We want to share our passions with them. . .

Hooking up to the trailer

But in the end, they grow up.  Like a tree sapling, they spread their own branches as they develop interests and passions of their own.  They learn things with their teachers and friends that maybe we wouldn't have thought of. . .

Bug's 1st day of Pre-K3
making apple prints to see the stars inside.

We watch as they develop skills that seem beyond what we imagined they could do. . .

Lego car Bug built

We watch them form bonds of friendship. . .

Bug's first friend at Pre-K3
End of the 1st day of Pre-K3

Last Day of Pre-K4

And we relish in the energy and joy that the simplest of entertainment brings them. . . 

"Looking" through the eye Lego

So today, while I may have many things that need to be done, I am taking the time to play with my soon-to-be Kindergartener before he is gone from my days.  We will build rolling houses. . .

And watch silly squirrel videos at the feed store.  We will play Transformers using only HotWheels and our imaginations.  We will have Mickey Mouse pancakes for lunch, because that is what he wants.  

Too soon I will be alone for seven hours five days a week.  Sure, it will be nice to be able to do the things I can't while Bug is with me, but that freedom comes with a heartbreaking silence that only my Little Man can fill.

I have read a lot of articles lately addressed to moms like me, seeing their little ones off to Kindergarten.  For some it's the first one to go, for others it brings quiet after the last of three (or more) kids climbs up the school steps.  No matter the situation, it's not easy.  The other authors pointed out something vital for me:  We did a good job as parents.  Our little angels wouldn't be taking this next big step if it wasn't for us helping them take each big step that came before.  

I will be strong.  I won't cry when I say goodbye to my Little Man as I leave him with his teacher, as I long for a glimpse of his sweet face throughout the door as it closes and I walk away.  I will wrap my  arms around him, and hold him tight when I pick him up, listening to the never-ending babble as he recants the events of his first day.

I will the mom in the parking lot, crying her heart out before she pulls away.  And I will probably cry most of the day.  But in the end, I know I did a good job bringing him to this point.  And if you are in the car next to me, crying behind the glass, I know you did a good job too.  

Good job, Moms (& Dads).  We've done well.

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