Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday Fun in the Rain

Yesterday was my birthday, and it rained.  Boy, did it rain.  I don't know the official numbers, but my wagon was full to the top.

While some people hate the rain, I love it.  I don't mind getting wet.  In fact, sometimes I go out seeking the rain's wetness.  I find it cleansing.  A good romp in the rain washes my spirit, and everything lease disappears for a while.

I went puddle stompin'. . .

And I did some reminiscing. . . For my 12th birthday, my best friend and I went traipsing through the woods barefoot.  There were huge mud puddles along the trails, so we decided to have a contest: Who can bring the most mud back on their feet?  It's been 25 years since that day, and I still haven't grown up.

After my escapades, I was wet to the bone in places, dry in others, and in an incredibly good mood.

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