Friday, July 11, 2014

Feathered Friday: The Chicken Coop Shed has Arrived

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!  

It has arrived!  

It's much later than I wanted.  Much later than we intended.  But, better late than never.   

We were still placing the last of the mason blocks when the trailer backed into the driveway.

The shed arrived. . . facing the wrong way!  In the picture you can see the back of the shed while looking from the side of the site.  I was a little concerned about this.  How in the world was one delivery guy going to turn an 8x10 shed 90 degrees?

Not to worry, however.  Apparently this is one tricked-out trailer.  You'll notice that the shed is now facing the right way.  After a jack slid from the trailer bed to lift the shed, it also rotated it to the correct position. 

But how was this guy going to get the shed off the trailer?  Well, these two videos show just how this is accomplished.

Pretty trick, huh?  It was a fascinating process to watch.

Almost down. . .

And finally it was on the ground!  Now I have a shed for my chickens!  

It's a little off kilter, and needs to be turned just a tad, but so what?  It's here!

The boys were happy to see it.  Especially my little chicken keeper.  He was so happy, he took off running to see it once he got over the shock of it being there.  

I do think it's wonderful to look at sitting back there next to the garden.  (Or where the garden will be again next year.)  I can't wait to get it finished inside and build the run for our beautiful birds!

Here's to future eggs!

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