Friday, June 6, 2014

Feathering In Friday

The Little Littles--the Black Australorps--are ten days old today.  It really is amazing how fast they grow and get their feathers.  They are doing well with the five that are three weeks older than them, especially with Rocky mothering them.  She leads them to the food and water and puts herself between them and the Buff Orpingtons, who can be a little bullish with them.  (Toot likes to bite their toes.)  These girls don't have names yet, but one is smaller than the other two, and I've started calling her "Tiny."

The difference a week makes.
From tiny wing-tip feathers to full primaries.
This little Aussie is the first to start getting her tail.

Now the Big Littles are starting to look like little chickens.  It's hard to believe that only a month ago they were little balls of fluff no bigger than my four-year-old's hand. 

Bug with the Big Littles at one day old.

There's not much fluff left on them as they grow their "big-chicken" feathers.  They have been growing  their tails out, too. Especially, the Buff Orpingtons.  They are very proud of their long tails.  In fact, they are feathering in the fastest of the three breeds.

One, in particular is almost twice the size of the other two.  Her name is Pumpkin.  As in "Chubsy Pumpkin" because she looked much more round when they were a little smaller.  Now I'm beginning to wonder if "she" might be a "he" because the comb is a little bigger and more developed than the the other two.  Only time will tell for sure, but I don't care one way or the other.  One more rooster won't hurt the flock, and then Bug would have a rooster that looks almost like Mr. Bob's that the coon got.
Pumpkin's head, showing the comb

James, on the other hand, is supposed to be a rooster, and I think they got it right with him.  This boy is heavy.  His legs are thick.  And, he is generally in charge of the brooder.  His tail is taking it's time, but I love how his legs are feathering out.  I think he's going to be stunning when he's all grown up into a crowing beauty.

And then there's our mystery chick, whom we have determined to be a Barred Rock.  Thus her name, Rocky.  Again, I wonder if I have another rooster on my hands, but as I have no other Barred Rock to compare to, I am left in limbo.  On the other hand, Rocky is my "mother hen." She takes care of the Little Littles, snuggling in with them, providing protection, and leading them to food and water.  Between her and James, I don't need to worry about those little Aussies.


They grow up so fast!

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