Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why We're Doing the Chicken Thing

Raising backyard chickens has become the thing to do.  Everyone wants to "get back to their roots," or "grow their own food."  I think that is wonderful.  We should all know where our food comes from.  It's our right as consumers.

But I'm not doing chickens because it's "the thing to do."  My reasons go deeper than that.  They even go deeper than just knowing where my eggs are coming from.  My biggest reason for raising chickens for eggs is my four-year-old son.

When he started eating real solid food, Bug loved "French toast and eggies."  Eggs were one of the few protein sources I could get my natural carbetarian to eat.  But when he ate eggs bought from the grocery store, he would get red splotches on his face around his mouth.  At first, I thought it was irritation from the syrup.  But through trial and elimination, I determined it to be the eggs.

Bug's store-bought egg reaction

It was weird, though.  He could eat foods cooked with eggs, but he couldn't eat the eggs, themselves.  There was no explanation, and I still have yet to find one.  

I pulled eggs from his diet, but he loved them, so after a few months I decided to give it another go.  This time, for reasons I don't remember, I bought a dozen eggs from my neighbor.  Possibly it was because I prefer brown eggs to white, and those colored eggs are more expensive in the store.  Whatever the reason, I paid $1.50 for a dozen "farm fresh" eggs that day.  Less than I would have paid for refrigerated eggs from who-knows-where in a grocery store.

Those farm fresh eggs were the doorway to a whole new egg-perience.  (I couldn't help myself.)  He didn't react to them!  And, oh, the flavor!  Even brown eggs from the grocery store can't compare to the flavor of farm fresh eggs.  

For good measure, I did try one more time with the store-bought eggs, and boom.  Red, rashy face.  From then on, we became a farm fresh eggs family.  When I couldn't get any from my neighbor, I found that my favorite produce stand sells them, too.  They cost a lot more, but it's worth it.  

So, I may get a little uptight when people say things like, "Oh, I'd like to get chickens, too!" or "Chickens are the in thing right now!" or "It's like having your own little farm!"  But I have much better reasons than any of those for keeping chickens.  My reasons are not as shallow as following the latest trend.  

My reasons are all for my younger son.  They started with his issues with store-bought eggs, but as he grew he developed a love of chickens.  He is one of the most responsible four-year-olds I know, and it's because of his love for these birds.  He wants to feed and water them, clean their coop, pick them wild herbs, find them bugs and worms, and give them all the love he has in his heart.




Gate Locker

We do it for love!

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  1. awesome! Loved the video too. Hi James! Keep taking good care of the birds!

  2. Great post and great reasons for keeping chickens, my hubby is dying to get some as are the children, I'm a little hesitant. Great to see your little boy so involved in looking after them. Spotted you over with Fit Foodie Runs and thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier.

  3. That is very interesting that he reacts to store bought eggs! Thank you for sharing at the Anything Goes link-up. Have a wonderful day!