Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Playing the Waiting Game

My garden isn't tilled because it's been too wet, and now we're waiting for some estimates from landscapers.  My chickens still need a coop, which is again waiting for the estimates.  

Oh, and the broccoli I bought turns out to be brussels sprouts.  I have never had them, and I'm not too sure about them because, let's be honest, movies and TV make them out to be one of the torturous vegetables parents use against their children.  

However, if they are as undesirable as the the masses would have me believe, they should still be great green treats for the chickens.  But, I will give them a fair shot.  Try them in recipes and maybe just cooked or whatever.  I really know nothing about them.  It should be an adventure.

On the plus side of things, I do have a shed picked out for the coop.  The best part is that it's already built, so not waiting for construction.  And the color matches the garage it'll be parked near.  Gotta love consistency.

Il est bon, n'est pas?  Maybe I should give it a French name and my chickens will feel fancy.  

This week my pink tea roses have started blooming, too.  They are beautiful flowers--I think they would be considered "double"--but I can't stand the smell.  It gives me a headache, so I can't bring my beautiful roses inside.  Still, I can enjoy them from the deck.  Unfortunately, the peach tea rose seems to have died since last year.  It was my favorite, but the pink one is making up for the lack of roses form the other bush.  

Pink Tea Rose Bud
Peach Tea Rose

I much prefer the aroma of a "regular" rose.  Several people have told me they thought all roses smelled the same, but my nose can scent the difference.  A "regular" rose smells sweet, like the drop of nectar from a honeysuckle flower as it touches your tongue.  Tea roses have a much more perfumey scent, like the crystal victorian bottle with the lilac-colored atomizer sitting on my mother's bathroom sink.  

Yellow Climber

I shall keep you posted on how the land management is going, but trust that I will have the garden in within two weeks regardless.  Otherwise, what's the point?  

Looking to brighter days.

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