Friday, May 9, 2014

(Fluffy) Feathered Friday: Arrival of Our First Chick Order

Oh boy!  Yesterday 5 of our new chicks from Meyer's Hatchery arrived!  Bug and I were so excited to get them.  Here is a pictorial of our new adventure.

Arrival at the Post Office!
Checking them out in the Post Office.
5 Bright Little Chicks!
Buckled up to go home!
At Home!
Meet James, our rooster.

Already napping in Bug's hands.

Meyer's "Meal Maker" chick
We think she's a Barred Rock, so Bug named her Rocky. 
Buff Orpington
Happily drinking and eating.
Proud Boy with his chicks.
Snuggled under the Brinsea EcoGlow20
Bug with 2 Buffs
Bug & James

Gentle Pets

He is in love with his new rooster.
I will go into detail about our new additions next week, with fun facts about the breeds, the brooder, and updates on how they are doing.  Until then. . . 

Happy Mother's Day!

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