Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Picture Pages

I haven't had time to write due to trying to get our house put back together after almost three months of renovations.  Because of that, today I'm going with the "Wordless Wednesday" theme.  Only I'm not very good at the "wordless" part, so I'm doing "Picture Pages" instead.  (No Bill Cosby.  Sorry.)

Here are two pictures of my son who recently told me he wants to be a farmer and a cowboy.  I was very proud of his proclamation.  I only hope it may be a viable choice for him.  We will always need farmers.  And I don't hold to the song lyrics "Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys."

My little man loves the work.  Sometimes he grumbles before getting out the door, but as soon as the fresh air hits him he is all go.  He loves the feeding.  He loves the watering.  He even loves the cleaning.  (Just ask our neighbor with the horses.  One time I wanted to visit Dano, the horse, but Bug wouldn't go.  Ms. Kim enticed him over with the promise of an incredibly dirty stall to clean.)

My Bug working hard to get the food for the chickens and kitties back to the barn.

My little cowboy.

Farm on!

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