Friday, April 4, 2014

Feathered Friday: Chicks at About 3 Weeks Old

Our little peepers are growing!  Boy are they growing.  Now they are about three weeks old, give or take a few days.  Today I'm going to do a sort of photo journal to show what the girls look like now.  They are definitely not Araucanas as they were labeled, but a mix affectionately called Easter Eggers.  They will still lay blue eggs, and that's what's important to us.

Bug's chick, Mine, still has her chick coloring on her head, but she is getting some vibrant red feathers on her chest.  Her wings are a brown color with dark and light mottling.

Tommy's chick, Tommi, also has her baby markings on her face, but her head has become more red.  Her wings are a more solid brown color, and she has the shortest tail.

Gate Locker
Daddy's chick, Gate Locker, looks a lot like Tommi, but with a much longer tail.  She also lacks the facial markings.  Her entire head is a reddish-brown.


 My chick, Gracie, was black when we brought her home.  Now she is turing a beautiful chestnut red color.  He wings are showing evidence of "lacing," a color pattern where the feathers' base color is outlined, usually with black.  Gracie's color looks similar to the "Golden Laced Wyandotte."

The chicks are also in their new brooder, a 75-gallon tank.  I am using a ceramic heat bulb I had for my reptiles to warm one end.  I also have a flannel sheet wrapped around that side to trap the heat inside.  You'll notice two waterers in the brooder, as well.  One has the regular water with apple cider vinegar, and the smaller one has herbal tea with the herb pieces still in it.  The chicks love the tea.

New Brooder

 Happy Growing!

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