Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Herbs are the Pots. . .

I had planned on building--or at least getting material for--my raised beds this past weekend, but Memorial  Day came and went with no progress.  Well, maybe not no progress, but not much, and a bit in the wrong direction while I wait for the turn in the road that will get me back on track.  A bit rambling I know, but the thought runs parallel to actual events and plans involving my coveted raised bed herb garden.  

Allow me to elaborate. . .

I would have been perfectly happy with a 4'x8'x10", 2'x8'x14", and triangular side bed made out of slabs or planks of wood.  I would have added stone to the outside to make the beds more appealing to the eye when I was able.  I do have a vision for the area, and I want to see it come to fruition even if it takes a few years.  

My husband, however, didn't want those types of beds.  His vision involves a sweeping wall that is the back wall of the taller bed built of paving stones matching the patio he wants to put in.  The bed would be tiered, like I want, and somewhat pie-shaped--with the point of the pie squared off.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I love his idea.  I was just trying to be practical.  And timely.  As it is now, I had to purchase more pots to get the rest of my herbs and seeds planted.  My plan was to plant and transplant into my raised bed, but now I don't have one.  

Isotoma fluviatillis
Blue Star Creeper
Around the area where the bed will eventually be I want to plant a Stepable plant called Blue Star Creeper.  This plant grows 1"-2" tall with little white star-shaped flowers.  But the best part is that you can walk on it.  I dream of the day when I can walk out to my garden in bare feet and feel the soft plants tickle my toes.  If I can get a drawing of the plans scanned in, I'll post them.  It really will be beautiful when it's finished.  My personal Zen garden.

So I'm left with potted herbs for now.  I can deal with that since my dear husband plans to have the beds and patio built this summer.  I am concerned with my bee balm, though.  I really need to get it in the ground and out of it's two tiny 6" pots.  And I need to do it before the summer is over so it can survive the winter.

Beautiful, but stinky
After reading up on rose hips, I thought maybe I could get them from my roses.  Alas, my roses are tea roses, which, while beautiful, will never again be brought into my home.  (I hate the smell.)  Rose hips used in teas come from the little white roses that grow wild.  I would harvest from the ones around my home, but I don't trust their source because I don't tend them.  None of them are on my property, you see, so I would be relying on truly wild roses or roses that someone else may have sprayed with something.  These plants also can't be guaranteed to be the one I'm looking for.  Because of this, I am going to look into purchasing some plants from a reputable seller next year.  

Short and sweet, with a bit complaining, but as long as it all pans out in the end all will be be well with my herbal world.  Next post, fruits, then back to the veggies so I can go on about what I've planted and how I'm keeping records.

Oh, yeah!  I have to give my man super awesome props for getting me a garden dump cart.  I am truly loving my little black wagon.  

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