Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Disney Landscapes. . .

I was in such a rush to get that last post out that I totally forgot about the beautiful flowers and plants around the other Disney parks.  So, I'll give them their due credit now in a brief pictorial entry.

With the exception of the last photo, all of these are from Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I don't know what most of them are.  I simply found them captivating.

The Tree of Life  is not a living tree. . .

. . . It is a manmade creation whose mammoth 50-foot trunk
is comprised of 325 carved animals. . .

. . . It stands an incredible 14 stories
(145 feet) tall.

You can get up close to see the carvings,
but we didn't get a chance.

This impressive tree was along the road on
the Kilimanjaro Safri

I don't remember what it was called,
but its foliage seasons were different.

Another version of this interesting tree.

Close up of waterfall.
A peaceful little waterfall along on of the walking paths
in Animal Kingdom.

These were in a tree along one of the foot paths.

I know it's not a plant, but. . .

. . . I really liked these lamps.

This beauty was along the entrance path.

Palm at park entrance

This palm amazed me.  The frosty green
fronds were huge.  It was beautiful.

These exotic lilies lined the walks around our resort,
perfuming the air with their scent. 

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