Monday, February 20, 2012

Signs of Spring. . .

The Crocuses have pushed through the leaf litter to paint the drab garden floor with their spiky green leaves and bright purple and golden-yellow blooms!

This is the first sign of Spring that I've seen, so I'm excited about it.  But don't get me wrong.  I'm not under the delusion that Old Man Winter has loosened his grip on my corner of the world.  In fact, I almost hope he comes back with a vengeance.  I love Winter.  I love snow.  We haven't gotten much of either this year.  I'm tired of the teasing.  I wish Mother Nature would simply choose what season she wants us to experience and deliver.  

I'm all for Winter.  Bring on the snow!  Bring on the cold and the wind.  Paint my world in white and shadow.

But quit teasing me with the promise of an early Spring if you're not going to deliver.  I can wait for Spring, but this back and forth, cold and warm stuff?  It's getting old, already.  Just pick one, please.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I think my gourds from last year are almost ready.  That means that, at some point next month (maybe into April because of our super family vacation coming up), I'm waiting for a good steady rain to wash them off.  Then I can start making things like bird houses (not really), cottages (likely), and snowmen (definitely).  

I have so many projects coming up.  It's exciting, but a bit overwhelming at the same time.  Maybe I'm being a tad over-zealous with all of this.  If so, it's a lesson I'll learn the hard way.  Bring it on!

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  1. Yay..spring. but who's gonna put a blanket over my tulips when Maryland decides to remember its still winter. I'm gonna be one t'd off dude when all my bulbs go back inhibernation for another year. Lets hope we just sticl woth this spring like winter...