Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here we go. . .

I've decided to start a separate blog about my adventures in gardening, so here it is.  Obviously, it's still winter, and while the ground isn't frozen I won't have any new pictures to post for quite some time.  Even so, I've started my planning and seed searching.  I've planted the seed in my neighbor's head that I may have produce to offer for his produce cart once the season arrives.  Last year I supplied him with tomatoes and cucumbers.  This year I plan to do the same, plus squash, pumpkins, and gourds.  

Last year's garden was about 24 feet by 26 feet, with 11 rows for crops.  This year I want to add 2-3 rows and make it a bit deeper.  I'm also adding a raised strawberry bed probably 4 feet by 6-8 feet, and a raised herb bed by the house.  The herb bed is still in the planning stages as there are obstacles to maneuver around and over, not to mention the planning of the garden area around the bed and the types of herbs to be planted.  

As winter thaws into spring, and as my plans begin to solidify, I will post pictures of the layouts.  Then I will post regular photo updates so my readers can watch as my gardens grow and produce.  If I can, I will post pictures of the types of seeds and plants I plan to grow.  I do have some seeds I've collected from last year's crops and fruity gifts I received from friends.

At this point I will admit that my plans come off as a bit overzealous, especially for a second-year gardener.  My garden was so productive last year that I couldn't keep up and probably half of my harvest went to waste.  And this year I want to go bigger?  I must be crazy, right?  Well, maybe.  But I'll have more help this year because my mother is retiring and will have more time to play in the dirt.  

My compost is still going.  I attribute the mild winter weather to helping with that, although I may find that it would have been better for it to freeze.  (I still hope for a good freeze because of bugs.)  I've been feeding the been sporadically when I have a substantial amount of compostable ingredients to dump.

Another garden-related activity I'm looking forward to is prepping, carving, and painting my gourds from last year.  I have 37!  If you like those little bird and butterfly houses, bird feeders, one other such crafts made from gourds, keep an eye out.  If I discover a skill for crafting the gourds, I may be selling some.  They would be cheaper than buying them at stores and online, just because.  Special requests would probably be honored, too.

A little note about this blog's title before I go. . . I believe some sheep I never met are integral to my garden's success.

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